Jul 22, 2015

Top 5 Reasons to Host Your Site with Creative Arc

After we design and develop a website, many clients choose to build an ongoing relationship with Creative Arc by hosting their website with us. Here are the top 5 reasons why clients choose to host with us:

1. Clients who host with us receive one free hour of service a month.  Here are a few of the ways our clients use their free hour: basic design changes, adding a new event to the homepage, updating logos and photos, instruction videos, new employee training.

2. Using our server allows our developers easier access to helping with any issues you have with your site. We can more quickly eliminate server issues and get your problem resolved.

3. Your site has to be hosted somewhere, might as well be with someone you trust.

4.  If you have a question, you call our office in Minneapolis and speak directly to your developer. Service is not farmed out.

5. SSL Certificate renewal is handled for you, ensuring it is done in a timely manner to eliminate any disruption of accessibility to your site.

Interested in hosting your website with Creative Arc? Call us at 612-605-0822 or online at: http://creativearc.com/start-a-project

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