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Full name: Joseph William Shelton, but only my mom would ever call me that.
Childhood ambition: When my family got our first PC in about 1985, I went straight from wanting to be a fireman to wanting to program computers.
Miles biked in 2014: I'm an avid biker, but don't like to track my milage. Analytics ruins the zen.
Favorite sugary treat: I couldn't possibly pick a favorite. My favorite kinds of treat are pastries and fruit flavored candy, like gummies and licorice.
Favorite travel destination: Two extremes: The North Shore of Lake Superior and Miami, Florida.
Current playlist: Future Islands
Inspiration: Bill Gates. He gets a lot of bad press due to Microsoft's reputation as the "evil empire". But, he's someone who's work product (programing) made him the richest person in the world. And, he did it with better morals than what's-his-name from Apple.
Favorite current website trend: My bread and butter is eCommerce for manufacturers selling direct to customers. It's interesting to see how that unique avenue of sales evolved on the internet.