Sep 12, 2017

Google Now Requires Valid SSL Certificate

Over the past year, we've seen Google pushing SSL in different ways, including giving increased search ranking to sites that are secure

Google has announced that effective October 2017, Chrome will report "this site is insecure" for any site without a proper/valid SSL certificate installed.  Until this push by Google, SSL was really only installed for e-commerce sites; now it is basically required for all websites.

To see if your site already has an SSL certificate, use this link:

Are you interested in adding an SSL certificate to your page?  For information on pricing, just reply to this e-mail or call us at 612.605.0822 and we'll get you more information.  

**To ensure your website is unaffected by Google's change, respond by 9/21/17.  Responses will be resolved in the order they were received.  Please be aware that installation and quality analysis may take up to a week.

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