Aug 22, 2017

New Google Site Search Search Changes

If you're using Google Search tools in your website, you may have heard it is changing.  Unfortunately, you may also be having a hard time understanding the new requirements and pricing structure.  You're not alone.  Paul asked Google to clarify the changes, and this is what he learned:

1. A developer will either need to create a custom search interface for your site, or utilize an existing plugin that complies with Google's new setup.
2. The prior "embed" feature is no longer available without advertisements.
3. The new search implementation must connect to Google's API. The first 100 searches performed on your site per day are free.
4. The charge is $5 per 1000 queries after the first free 100 searches.
5. There is no other Google service similar to the GSS that will give results without ads and independent of the quota mentioned above to replace the old free search.

If you need help updating or adding your own Google custom search, or if you want to explore other options, contact us HERE or call us at 612.605.0822.

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