Apr 29, 2015

ExpressionEngine Website Platform: Toe to Toe with Wordpress

Occasionally, clients ask us if we're familiar with Wordpress and if we ever use it to develop websites.  The short answer is yes, and yes.  However, out of the more than 260 websites we've developed, I think it's safe to say ExpressionEngine is our preferred content management system (CMS).  Here are a few reasons why:

1. Highly customizable.
Whereas some platforms require you choose from pre-built templates (yes WordPress, we're looking at you!), ExpressionEngine allows an experienced web designer to customize a project more specific to your business.

2. Easy updates with great support.
Once we have your site designed and developed, you're in control.  Before we launch your site, we'll teach you how to add content, pages, etc.  Even our least technologically inclined clients love how easy ExpressionEngine is to use.


3. Create once, publish everywhere.
Create and store your content in one place, but publish it through desktop web pages, mobile pages, mobile apps, RSS feeds, content APIs, and even future publishing channels not yet imagined.

Thinking of redesigning your website, but not sure where to start?  Contact our team online or at 612.605.0822 to see if ExpressionEngine would be a good fit for you.

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