Apr 21, 2015

Keeping Your Project On Time + On Budget

The average small to medium sized business spends almost half of its marketing budget on its website.  A website redesign is a huge investment in capital, as well as company resources.  So how do you make sure you stay on budget and on time?

Creative Arc will start your redesign project with a kick off meeting.  During the kick off meeting, we brainstorm ideas for the initial design and architecture of the site, based on your target audience and the message that you want to portray.  It's important to invite every decision maker who will ever have an opinion on your new website to the kick off meeting.  This way, each decision maker has the opportunity to have his/her expectations heard. 

When the final decision makers are not involved in the kick off meeting, we find that those companies are far more likely to go over their budget and planned launch date. 

Here are some other suggestions from Tim Hoppe, our Project Manager, on what to bring to the meeting:
1. Copy for the home page and any global page, if available
2. Call to action or slogan ideas
3. Most recent marketing materials - brochures, AdWords campaigns, etc.
4. Completed Questionnaire and Design Brief (we'll provide this after signing the contract)

Kick off meetings typically take around 90 minutes - a small investment for a big payoff in the end.

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