Jan 13, 2020

3 Ways to Know It’s Time to Rebrand

At Creative Arc, we recently made the big decision to rebrand in tandem with a revamped website.  Rebranding can feel like a big, unknown leap! So how did we know it was time?  Our brand has been a part of our business since 2003 and has lasted through multiple iterations of our website, but it felt like it was time for a refresh so we started exploring the option. When we started talking with our talented designer, it became clear that we could elevate our brand through a refresh.

A brand is more than a mere company logo and name slapped on product packaging, a website, and a stack of business cards. It’s a presence, a vibe, a sense of leading authority among other companies and brands in the market. You may even say a brand is any business with a high reputation for excellence, prestige, and credibility within the community.

So how can you know if it's time to rebrand? If you are an entrepreneur yourself, you must be very familiar with the fact that your brand is now not what it was when you first started your business. Much like everything else in life, your brand also blossomed and outgrew your expectations. Over the years, your brand changed the lives of many - your brand have even become the industry standard. 

‘If everything is going well, why change?’ Below are some of the reasons why companies consider rebranding: 

Your brand was modern, but now it looks dated

When starting out, your brand might have been on trend. But as the years passed and styles changed, your brand’s position and presence started to either blend in with the competitors, therefore shifting itself from the spotlight.  In many industries, longevity is valued but we still need to look modern. Rebranding your business to help it stand out among your competitors and keep you on the leading edge of your industry. Revamping your business’s logo, design, packaging, business cards, and even introducing new and improved products and services amplify and elevate your brand’s identity.

Your mission has evolved

When you first started, it was just you doing all the work to establish your business. Now, likely, your team, offering, and culture has grown but isn’t truly reflected in your brand. Rebranding will help your audience understand exactly what you do and who you are, and support your journey into the future.

Appeal to a changing audience

As time passes, your target audience evolves.  If your product or service is targeting a certain age range, the people within that demographic are likely comprised of different generations than they were when your business launched.  This shift in your target demographic means rebranding to redefine your business's objectives and goals. After all, nothing puts a brand on the verge of extinction than living in the past. If you are quick-witted and understand the transformations occurring in the marketplace, you won't hesitate to adapt, rebrand, and refurbish your brand to stay on par with the market trends as well as your consumers' behavior. 

If you’ve been thinking about rebranding, we can help!  Obviously your website is a huge part of your brand - it’s often one of the first places people interact with your business.  Reach out to us for more information at 612.605.0822 or use this link to book some time to talk with our team.

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