Jun 13, 2019

3 Reasons You Should Prioritize Quality Content Over Quantity

It’s a fact that SEO content in the form of blogs and social media content can increase the flow of traffic to your company’s website. However, not all content is created equal, especially when it’s content for content’s sake. You could actually be harming your SEO and website by posting too much low-quality content. Below, you will find 3 reasons why you need to be prioritizing quality content over quantity.

It's More User-Friendly

The first reason you should prioritize quality over quantity when it comes to content is because it is more user-friendly. This means you need content that is both informational and easy to read. The best quality content out there includes blogs that utilize headers, lists, and nice infographics. This makes for a nice reading experience, as the content is easier to scan. Additionally, quality content doesn’t talk down to the customer or get too technical. Usually, an informative but loosely formal tone is the best way to go to achieve user-friendly content. Also, according to NiceReply, it helps if you divide the content into subsections so that readers can more easily find the content they need. Reading copy online is different than reading something in print in that in order to keep readers engaged, you need more visual elements like these to break up long sections of text.

It Keeps Customers Engaged

Next, according to SoloFire, content should be designed strategically with the customer in mind, making the customer's journey through a site as personal as possible. The reason that this is important is because you want to create a personal relationship with your customer, and if they come to your website and see recycled content or irrelevant content, they will go elsewhere. Think about creating content that will influence the customer and engage with them. You can create content in the form of polls, personal stories from real customers, interactive graphics, and other content that asks for your customer to participate by sharing their stories or questions as well.

It Helps Your SEO

Last, quality content can also help you improve your SEO and search engine results. Google and other search engines are moving towards a new system for ranking websites that relies more heavily on content that is not deceiving and not specifically written with all those cool SEO tricks. That means the days of throwing up keyword-heavy content are over. Instead, you can now use quality content to your advantage. You can still use SEO keywords; however, you will want to make sure that your content is wholly original and relevant to your company or products.

Quality content that is user-friendly and that keeps customers engaged is more powerful than run-of-the-mill content that you post in high quantities. You can help out your SEO as well by prioritizing this kind of quality content.  Blogs are great ways to add quality content to your site, and also gives you content for social media to keep customers coming back to you.  If you're interested in adding a blog to your ExpressionEngine website, reach out to us or give us a call at 612.605.0822.

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