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MGC Diagnostics

MGC Diagnostics Corporation develops, manufactures and markets non-invasive diagnostic systems for detecting, classifying and managing cardiorespiratory disease. This singular focus guides their strategy and defines their commitment to customers, employees and the cardiorespiratory industry. MGC's experience provides unmatched insight for solving today’s challenges and anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities.


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Web Development • Content Management • Project Management • Design/UX • E-Commerce • SEO • Multi-lingual • Regional Content • Event Registration


PHP, ExpressionEngine, JQuery, JSON, custom add-ons, LAMP stack server management

Solving today’s challenges

MGC's products are unparalleled in quality, accuracy, and ease of use. Those same qualities needed to be evident with the website design and user interface.

Anticipating tomorrow’s opportunities

The website handles event registration, multi-lingual content, and regional display of products based on the customer's location.

"....everything is working great. Lots of great feedback. Thanks for all of your help."

Jenny B., MGC Diagnostics

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