Nov 3, 2020

What Is a Transactional Email, and Why Does Your Business Need It?

Email is one of the most important activities for your website visitors and customers. With the increase in marketing email volume over last decade, mail services like Gmail, Yahoo, or perhaps your corporate email service have tightened their email delivery regulations. Routine email messages such as receipts, forgotten passwords, or order tracking updates might get flagged as SPAM if your website domain is not properly configured as a reputable email sender.

Transactional email services send email to one recipient, triggered by the recipient's action or inaction (such as: abandoning an in process cart, placing an order, requesting a discount).  Transactional email services are locked-down, safe, reputable email delivery methods for websites that send receipts, password update notifications, and non-marketing info.

Bulk email is sent to multiple recipients at once, usually for marketing purposes (such as: a newsletter or promotion).

Your customers don’t frantically refresh their inbox waiting for your next newsletter but their password reset email is another story. If it doesn’t hit their inbox instantly, they care, and then they email support -- costing you money and time, and potentially customer confidence.

The service we use for transactional emails obsesses over delivery speed to all of the major email providers, and guarantees that your transactional email will be delivered within mere seconds. By specializing only in transactional emails, sending through this service means there’s no risk of ending up in a SPAM filter.

Any clients who send informational updates or have member logins would benefit from such a service. 

If you’re interested in adding this, just reach out! It’s included in our email safety net service, or we can get you custom pricing.

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