Feb 15, 2016

Website Tools | Monit

When we hear this noise in our office, it actually doesn't mean that Greg and Joe are fighting.  It means that Monit, one of the tools we use to monitor every website we host, is doing its job.

Monit allows us to find multiple website outages before a client (and hopefully their customers) is even aware.  This tool helps us monitor:

* General errors
* Server Load
* Connections to various services, e.g. mail, web server, ping
* General system resources (such as CPU usage or load average)
* Test programs or scripts at certain times

When an alert comes across our desk, we are able to respond quickly to ensure that our customers' websites are always active. 

There is a direct correlation between sales and website reliability (did anyone else try to buy from Target.com on Cyber Monday?).  As one of our customers writes:

"Creative Arc does a great job for Newgate School. Our automotive repair school for low-income young adults is funded completely by car donations. Our donors use our website to reach us almost 75% of the time. Thanks to Paul and his team, our site is information-filled, graphically intriguing and always working."

All of the sites that we host are monitored by Monit.  For more information on hosting your site with Creative Arc, please contact our sales team at 612.605.5315 or here.

For more information about Monit, visit: https://mmonit.com

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