Apr 1, 2019

Spark Joy by Giving your Website a Spring Clean

Spring is finally upon us here in Minneapolis, and now is the perfect time to take a look at your website for some light spring cleaning.  Here are five ways you can spring clean your website today:

1) Contact page.
Is your contact page up to date?  Is it easy to find and navigate?  What e-mail addresses are receiving inquiries that come in through your contact form?  Make sure you never miss an important business lead by working with Creative Arc to implement an e-mail safety net.  

2) Imagery.
When is the last time you updated the imagery on your website?  Your true north as a company may not have changed in the last 20 years, but chances are styles have changed.  When was the last time you updated your headshots?  If the answer is over 3 years, it's probably time to think about updates for yourself as well as the other executives at your company. This is an easy way to modernize an aging website.

3) 404 links.
404 links will decrease your SEO reach.  If you had a Google Plus account linked on your website, those links will result in 404s - if it's in your template, that could really impact the number of 404s on your site.  Creative Arc can help by crawling your site for 404s - contact us for an estimate.

4) Accessibility.
New legislation means it's more important than ever to ensure your website is accessible to everyone, even users with disabilities.  Is your website compliant with the most recent accessibility laws?  Contact us for a complimentary audit.

5) General content updates.
Updating blog posts and content pages for relevancy will not only help you speak to your potential customers, it will also help boost your SEO ranking as Google loves to see updates to content.  Are there ways you can refine your message? 

We love working in ExpressionEngine, because it's so easy to edit content on the fly.  Commit to spending an hour a week solely updating your content and you may be surprised how valuable those updates can be.

Have any questions or other ideas of how to clean up your site?  Schedule some time with Tim for a complimentary website consultation.

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