Mar 14, 2016

Offsite Meetings | Best Practices

Twice a year, the Creative Arc team meets at an off-site location for a half a day of team building and problem solving.  We try to pick venues in the vicinity of our office so no one's commute changes too drastically.  Some recent venues have included: Mill City Museum, the Minneapolis Central Library, the Guthrie Theater, and most recently, the Depot.  

Although there's an upfront cost to meeting offsite, the benefits are immeasurable.  Meeting outside of the office fosters creativity, productivity, and focus.  We are able to remove ourselves from the day to day tasks that consume our time in the office, focusing only on how we can improve our business and the service that we provide to our customers.

We also get a chance to connect as a team.  Yes, we spend 40+ hours together in an open office, but we get to really connect when we spend a good chunk of time together.  We are all working toward a common goal - offering unique, custom website solutions and providing the best customer service for our clients.  It's a great reminder that even though we all have different abilities and strengths, we're all using those individual qualities move our business forward.


We have a little fun, too!


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