Oct 31, 2016

Meet Our Developers | Jesse

Full Name: Jesse Starbuck

Role at Creative Arc: Front-end Developer

What you like most about your job: I really enjoy taking the mock-ups from designers and turning them into functioning websites. Sometimes the process is very straight forward, but sometimes it can take a little finessing to translate the static designs into responsive websites. It is always rewarding when you see the final product functioning the way it is supposed to.

Last vacation: I went to Chicago for Thanksgiving last year. My mom and stepfather came from Columbus, OH, and we had dinner with my mom's cousin's family. 

Favorite food: I love Indian and Himalayan cuisine.

Inspiration: I love early- to mid-twentieth graphic design. That is the point when layouts became clean and unified toward the goal of communicating an idea rather than the more haphazard approach of the 19th century. I recently downloaded and printed some space themed posters from NASA and JPL that were heavily influenced by that era, and they are fantastic. 

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