Nov 27, 2018

5 Things Business Websites Need to Succeed

The list of things that a small business owner needs to be concerned about seems endless. If you have not already done so, you need to add your company's website to that list. Employ these tips to build a successful business website.

A Good Design

Design your website to help customers through the sales funnel. The first step is awareness, and you need to be using many different techniques including social media, PPC advertising and your blog to attract customers to your website. Next, generate interest by providing them with an offer that is hard to resist in exchange for as little information as you need. In some cases, it may be just their email address or a phone number. The next stage is decision. Offering coupons and free shipping can help you convert leads into buyers. Make sure you have clear return policies that are as liberal as possible. The last step in the sales funnel is action. You will always want to incorporate clear calls to action with at least one placed above the fold. Make it easy for customers to read and leave reviews because reviews are a great way to show off your reputation. Remember that you need always emphasize quality over quantity each step of the way.


Make sure that your website is HTTPS and not just HTTP by installing either a Secure Sockets Layer (SSL) or a Transport Layer Security (TLS) on your website. There are several benefits to this, including the fact that you are very likely to place higher in organic search rankings on Google and other search engines, bringing more traffic to your website. Customers trust HTTPS websites more when asked for their banking information because they will see a padlock indicating their information is encrypted. Furthermore, it is harder to break into a secure website and steal user information.


Google gives preference to sites that are mobile-friendly, and your customers will love the fact that your website displays correctly regardless of the device that they are using. Your customers can also access the information that they want much faster. Limit the bells and whistles on your website so that it loads extremely quickly. Use a strong navigation system so that potential customers do not have to hit numerous small buttons to place an order or access information. Incorporate a search function allowing users to find the information that they want faster. Choose clear images that portray the page's main points.

Lots of Content

Website ranking in the top three in organic search results usually have an average of 104 pages compared to just 48 for other websites. Often, these web pages were also longer because they took a more comprehensive approach to each subject. Each page should have two to three keywords on it that are used just a few times along with synonyms for those keywords. Business that are paying attention to specifics are the ones improving tremendously, especially with their content. The top-ranking websites had an average of 64 characters in the title tags and used meta tags to optimize the content with pages created for each community that the company served. The result of producing comprehensive content was that they were able to garner links from 48 referring domains, introducing even more people to their company.


Over 90 percent of people say they look at reviews before making a buying decision. Furthermore, over 80 percent of people trust online reviews as much as if a personal friend was making the recommendation. Make it easy for customers to leave reviews in many different places, including on your own website.

Getting these five key points right will help your company grow. Start the process of applying these principles today by using your own ingenuity to apply them to your unique situation.

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