Jul 30, 2020

3 Issues That Could Tank Your Website

Websites are the foundation of many people’s lives. Almost everyone has their own website, even if they’re not a business owner or web developer. If your website is important to your daily life, you should be aware of the issues that could damage it. Here are three such issues, and some tricks you can use to remedy them.

Outdated Plugins

Outdated plugins can cause many problems for your website. By not keeping your plugins up to date, you expose your website to a multitude of cyber hacks. Make sure to constantly patch and upgrade your plugins in order to fix their issues and keep security capacity up to date. Bad plugins slow down your website and make it buggy and less user friendly. Outdated plugins will also impact user experience on your website. In these tech savvy days, good interaction with a website is critical. If your customers have a negative first impression when visiting your website, they likely will not come back. If your website functionality is impacted due to outdated plugins, you should work to update them as quickly as possible.

SQL Server Running Slow

If you use SQL server with your website, you need to make sure it is running well, or it could end up causing you problems. SQL server is used to store and retrieve data used by other applications and can help you easily compile information or answer visitor queries. If your SQL server is running slowly, your website can experience a number of negative consequences, the main one being a slow-running website, which can frustrate customers and even potentially cause problems with your rankings on Google in the long run. Regular performance tuning can find and address issues that you are having with your SQL server.


Now more than ever, business owners and website developers are concerned with cybersecurity. Viruses can be incredibly dangerous for your website for many reasons. One of the main dangers of viruses is that they put your employee and customer information in jeopardy. If your website server is taken down by a virus, your website could be incapacitated for days or weeks at a time. Because cyber-attacks and viruses are fairly common, it’s even more important to choose a web server with a closely managed security system.

Even if you’re not a website developer, you should be aware of the damage that outdated plugins, a slow SQL server, and viruses can cause for your website. A knowledge of these three issues will empower you to take the appropriate steps to protect your website and all the important information it contains.

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