Apr 22, 2020

Why Your Automotive Ecommerce Site Needs More Videos

We find the majority of the things we use today from online platforms. From foodstuff to heavy equipment, a lot of people rely on online platforms to do their shopping. Although shopping online is as easy as clicking a button, buying a car online takes careful consideration. According to a forecast by an eMarketer, by 2022, the eCommerce auto-parts market will be an $81.64 billion market. Like any other online business, automotive companies utilize videos in various aspects of their business, like marketing and customer service.

It Improves SEO

Growing your Search Engine Optimization strategy helps to raise the visibility of your company and build your brand recognition. You should aim to appear on the first page of search engines; it would be better if you were among the first three results to crop up in a search. Of all online user encounters, 93% kick off with search engines; of the total first three results, 55% get clicks. Videos help to lower the rates of bounces; typically, people will spend more time on a page that contains videos than one without. Excellent content with videos creates quality backlinks. Additionally, uploading a video translates to a rise in organic traffic at a rate of 157%.

Customers Want Information

Customers rely on the information you give to decide whether or not to buy a car from your online store. It is a known fact that people prefer to watch videos and look at images than read texts. It is, therefore, best to incorporate videos in your description of your company and the products. Cans and automotive accessories have plenty of things to showcase that a video would be beneficial for. Buyers will want to know about accessories, maintenance techniques, and also their specifications. Videos also paint a better picture of the car to customers; hence you can make an informed decision.

Aids Marketing

Video marketing is a powerful tool for online automotive companies. It is not only easy to produce but also highly accessible. It is a compelling, engaging, and versatile method that gives customers useful information that you would otherwise lose in a text. Videos also capture the attention of the user hence making them take time to learn and make decisions about the cars you are selling. For example, explainer videos help customers know why they need a particular type of car in their lives.

If you want your automotive ecommerce site to have more value, videos are a great way to help make this happen. So if your site is struggling to help your business grow, adding videos just might be the best thing to do.

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