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KaBeelo Lodge is a long time, family owned business, that was in need of a website redesign for an updated look and improved user experience. They also wanted to build the new site on a platform that is easy to update in-house, or to have outside resources maintain. The goal of the design was to target new visitors to the lodge, while not alienating their core business of repeat guests. The new site design reflects that their lodge has the most features, amenities, and is the most cost effective, convenient choice for adventurous travelers that want a remote, fly-in lodging experience. The goal is to be seen as a “5 star rustic resort”. KaBeelo Lodge has partnerships with GreenMill and Ron Schara/Minnesota Bound, that are highlighted on the site. The site boasts a robust online portfolio of all of the outpost locations, so visitors will know what to expect and be enticed to book.

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