General Transmissions

drive solutions for outdoor power equipment

our role

General Transmissions is a family business founded in 1991. We design and produce drive solutions that make outdoor power equipment more profitable for OEMs, and more appealing and productive for users. We follow three principles:

Never settle. We never stop seeking new and better ways to make transmissions lighter, stronger, more reliable, more affordable. Through constant innovation, we help our customers keep their competitive edge sharp.

Unquestioned quality: At every price point, our products are designed, tested and proven like no other. They are maintenance-free for life, built to outlast OEM equipment itself, and known for steadfast reliability that impresses manufacturers, dealers, and end users.

Service above all.  Customer service is our most important product. Whatever your challenge, opportunity or issue, we are here to meet it. Our goal is to earn your trust and your business, every day, without fail.

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